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182 LETTERS OF CORTES. we proceeded to another city, called Izucaw, four leagues from Guacachula ; for I was informed that there had also been a large number of Culuans in garrison at that place, to whom the citj^ and several towns and villages adjacent to it, were tributary ; and the inhabitants were represented as very friendly to the Culuans, on account of its cacique being a native of Culua, and even a rela- tive of Muteczuma. In my progress thither I was accom- panied by so great a multitude of natives, vassals of your Majesty, that they almost covered the fields and hills as far as we could see ; and in truth, there were more than one hundred and twenty thousand men. We arrived over against the city of Izucan at ten o'clock ; all the women and feeble persons had been removed from it, but there remained five or six thousand warriors, welt equipped. When we had come in front of the place, they attempted to defend it ; but the attempt was soon abandoned, when it was discovered that we had been guided to that side of the city where the entrance was the least difiicult. We pursued the enemy through the town, forcing them to leap from the top of the walls, and cross the river that almost encircles the place in its course. They destroyed the bridges in their flight, which circum- stance delayed us somewhat in crossing, but we con- tinued the pursuit for a league and a half, and I think few of them escaped who had remained in the city. On returning to the place, I sent two of its inhabitants, who had been made prisoners, to the principal persons, desiring them to return to the city, for the cacique had departed with the Culuans wlro had occupied the garri- son ; and I promised them in your Majesty's name, that if they became loyal vassals to your Highness, they would henceforth be well treated, and their rebellion and