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CONQUEST OF MEXICO. 183 past offences pardoned. The messenger went, and in three days from that time some of the principal citizens came and asked pardon for their error, declaring that they had been unable to avoid doing what they had done, as they were compelled to obey the commands of their lord ; and they promised that henceforth, as their lord had gone away and abandoned them, they would truly and loyally serve your Majesty. I assured them of their safety, and bade them return to their houses, and bring back their women and children, who had been carried to other places and towns in alliance with the Culuans ; and I directed them to tell the natives of those places to come to me, and I w^ould overlook the past ; and that they must not compel me to march against them, as they would suffer great injury, and it would be extremely painful for me to inflict it on them. Accordingly in two days after the inhabitants of Izu- can returned to their homes, and all the people subject to them came to acknowledge themselves the vassals of your Highness ; and so all that province remained secure and steady in its allegiance as our allies and those of the people of Guacachula. A question arose as to whom appertained the government of the city and province of Izucan in the absence of the cacique, who had gone to Mexico. It appeared that there had been some contro- versy and party division between a natural son of the native lord of the country who had been put to death by Muteczuma, (the former being now in possession of the office, and married to his niece,) and on the other side a grandson of the native lord, a son of his legiti- mate daughter, the wife of the lord of Guacachula, whose son was thus the grandson of the native lord of Izucan. It was now agreed amongst them that this son