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CONQUEST OF MEXICO. 185 ten leagues from Izucan, and on the frontiers of Mexico, also came to oifer their homage as vassals of your Ma- jesty. There also came persons from eight towns in the province of Coastoaca [Oaxaca], which is one of which I have made mention before, as having been seen by the Spaniards. I sent to search for gold in the province of Zu- zula, [Zacatula], where, and in that of Tamazula,* adjoin- ing it, I remarked there was a very large population with houses extremely well built, of better stone than is seen in any of these parts of the country. The province of Coastoaca is forty leagues from Izucan ; and the persons from the eight towns in that province professed allegiance as vassals of your Highness, and stated that four others that were left behind would soon arrive. They begged that I would pardon them for not having come before, as they were prevented by fear of the Culuans ; and they declared that they had never taken up arms against me, nor caused the death of any Spaniard ; and that since they had submitted themselves to your Highness, they would be your true and loyal vassals to perform your will, although they had not dared to do so before on ac- count of their fear of the Culuans. So that your High- ness may be assured that if it please our Lord to grant you success, we shall in a very short period recover what has been lost, or a great part of it, as every day many provinces and cities come to swear allegiance to your Majesty, who have been subjects of Muteczuma, for they see that those who do this are well received and kindly treated by me, while those who act otherwise are every day destroyed. From the prisoners taken in the city of Guacachula, especially the one that was wounded, I obtained exten- ♦^Tamazula is in the province of Sinaloa, on its southern coast.— L.