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CONQUEST OP MEXICO. 1S7 who reside on that island, that they should do all in their powder to aid and assist in these things, as it was of so great importance to your Majesty's service and the security of our persons ; since I intended whenever these succors should arrive to return to the great city and its domin- ions ; and I believed, as I have already said to your Ma- jesty, that I should in a very short time be restored to the condition in which I before was, and recover past losses. In the meantime, I am employed in building twelve brigantines for use on the lakes,* and already the decks and other parts of the vessels are in readiness, which are to be transported by land, so as to be put together in a short time immediately on our arrival there ; and for the same purpose we are collecting nails, pitch, oakum, sails, oars, and other necessary articles. And I assure your Majesty that I shall not think of rest until this object is accomplished, nor cease to labor for it in every possible way and manner, to whatever degree of toil, peril, or expense it may expose me. Two or three days ago I learned by letter from the lieutenant commanding in my place at Vera Craz, that a small caravel had arrived there with about thirty men, both seamen and landsmen, who report that they had come in quest of the men sent by Francisco de Garay to this country, of whom I have already given your Highness an account, and of their having arrived in great want of provisions, in such distress that if they had not obtained a supply from us, they would have perished with hunger and thirst. I was informed that this caravel had been to the river Panuco, and had re- mained there thirty days, without seeing any person in

  • Tradition uniformly says that this labor was performed in a certain quarter

of Hueyotlipan, called CuaueinmlaTi, that is, Whefe they make masts.'—L.