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CONQUEST OF MEXICO. 189 they shall be free from giving or paying any thing — pro- vided that, by every means in their power, they wage an exterminating war against all Christians, either killing them, or driving them out of the country ; and that they should treat in the same manner all natives who are our friends and allies. Although I have hope in our Lord that they will not succeed in any respect according to their plan and intentions, I find myself in the most ex- treme necessity of aiding and succoring the Indians friendly to us ; since every day they come from nume- rous cities, towns, and countries to beg assistance from us against the Indians of Culua, their enemies and ours, who wage war on them because they are in friendship and aUiance with us ; and I am unable to render aid in every quarter, as I would wish. But as I have said, should it please our Lord, he will supply our want of strength, and send quickly his own succor, as well as that we have asked for from Espanola. Inasmuch as this country so far as I have been able to examine and form an opinion bears a striking resem- blance to Spain, as well in the fertility of the soil, as in its extent, and the coolness of its climate, and in many other respects, it seemed to me that the most suitable name that could be given to it was New Spain of the ocean-sea ; and as this name was conferred upon it in the name of your Majesty, I humbly entreat your High- ness to confirm and direct that it shall be so called. I have written to your Majesty, although in a poor style, the truth as to all that has transpired in these parts, and whatever it is necessary your Highness should be informed of; and in the other despatch that goes with the present one, I send to beg your royal Excellency to appoint a person of high character to come hither and 25