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CONQUEST OF MEXICO, 191 thousand Indians, natives of the country, in their alliance. These are great things and strange, and it is without doubt a new world, which we who live on its borders have an eager desire to see. This news is to April the first, 1522, which we as yet deem worthy of belief. The present Letter or Narrative [Carta de Relacion] was printed in the rnost noble and loyal city of Seville, by Jacob Crombreger, of Germany, on the Sth day of October, 1522.*

  • From this date it is known, that the impression of this Letter was the first

specimen of the art of printing at Seville, and perchance in all Spain ; since the Complutensian Bible is the first printed work, celebrated as pi^blished at the expense of the great Cardinal Don Fray Francisco Ximenes de Cisneros. — L. This is incorrect ; according to Panzer, {Annales Ti/pograpMci, etc.) the first printing was done at Seville in 1501, and several publications appeared prior to 1522. The Complutensiap Polyglott Bible pf Cardinal Ximenes was printecj in 1514-17.