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LETTERS OR DESPATCHES HERNANDO CORTES, EMPEROR CHARLES V. LETTER in. Dated at the City of Cuyoacan, (Mexico,) May 15th, 1522. Most High and Potent PrinceĀ : Most Catholic and Invincible Emperor, King and LordĀ : Alonzo de Mendo25a, a native of Medellin, whom I despatched from this New Spain on the fifth of March, in the past year 1521, was the bearer of the second re- lation that I addressed to your Majesty, containing an account of all that had transpired in this country; which I finished writing on the thirtieth of October, 1520, but on account of unfavorable weather, and the loss of three ships, by one of which I had intended to forward my relation to your Majesty, and by the others to send for aid to the island of Espanola, much delay arose on the part of Mendoza, as I have already more fully in- formed your Majesty. In the concluding part of that despatch I stated to your Majesty, that after we had been forcibly expelled from the city of Temixtitan, I had marched against the province of Tepeapa, one of its