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CONQUEST OF MEXICO. 197 Francisco de Garay, and it was feared that if these landed there, they would likewise suffer from the hostility of the natives. I also wrote your Majesty that I had taken the precaution to despatch immediately a vessel in quest of those ships, to advise them of what had occurred ; and no sooner had I written this, than it pleased God one of the ships should arrive at the port of Vera Cruz, in which came a captain with about twenty-five men, who was there apprised of what had befallen the other party, ac- cording to the information received from the commander himself; and I assured them that if they went to the river Panuco, they would be exposed to great danger from the Indians. While they yet lay in the harbor with the determination of going to that river, there arose a storm attended by a violent wind, which forced the ship to depart with the loss of its cables, and to run into a port on the coast twelve leagues above, called San Juan ;* when after landing all the people, together with seven or eight horses and as many mares, they hauled up the ship for repairs on account of its having sprung aleak. As soon as I heard these particulars, I wrote immedi- ately to the carlain, assuring him that I regretted very much what had occurred, and that I had sent directions to the commander at Vera Cruz to afford every possible aid to him and the people with him, supplying them with whatever they required ; that he should ascertain their plans, and if all or any of them wished to return in the ships that were there, he should give them leave, and allow them to depart freely. The captain and the per- sons who had arrived with him determined to remain, and to join me at the place where I was ; but of the other

  • The present Vera Cruz.