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198 LETTERS OF CORTES. ship we have not received any intelHgence to this mo- ment ; and as much time has elapsed, we are in great doubt as to her safety, unless it has pleased God to carry her into a good port. Being on the point of departing from the province of Tepeaca, I learned that two provinces called Zacatami and Jalazingo, subject to the lord of Temixtitan, through whose territory the road leads from Vera Cruz to the great city, had rebelled, and that the inhabitants being ill-dis- posed towards us had murdered several Spaniards who were on the road. In order to render the road secure, and visit these people with some punishment if they did not keep the peace, I despatched a captain with twenty horse and two hundred foot, and some of our Indian allies, to whom I gave directions on the part of your Majesty, to require the inhabitants of those provinces to come and quietly submit themselves as vassals of your Majesty, as they had before done, and I would treat them with the utmost moderation in my power ; but that if they did not choose to take this course, I would make war upon them. I added, that after this was effected, and the two provinces were reduced to subjection, he should return with all the people to the city of Tascaltecal, where I would wait for him. So he departed, in the beginning of December, 1520, and took the road for those provinces, which lie twenty leagues distant. After this, most powerful Sire, about the middle of December of said year, I left the town of Segura de la Frontera, which is in the province of Tepeaca, having placed there a captain and sixty men, according to the request of the natives ; and I sent all the foot to the city of Tascaltecal, where were building the brigantines, which is nine or ten leagues from Tepeaca ; while I