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CONQUEST OF MEXICO. 199 went the same day with twenty horse to sleep at the city of Cholula, whose inhabitants had desired me to come thither, inasmuch as on account of the sickness of small- pox which had attacked the people of these countries, as well as the islanders, many of their caciques had died, and they wished that others might be appointed in their place, by my hand, and in the presence of themselves and me. Having arrived there, we were extremely well received, and after having complied with their wishes in this matter, and given them to understand that my course was to enter in a warlike manner into the provinces of Mexico and Temixtitan, I desired them, since they were vassals of your Majesty, and as such must preserve their friendship with us, and we with them even to death, to aid me with men during the time I was compelled to carry on the war ; and that as for the Spaniards whom I should send to their country, and who would go and come through it, to treat them in such a manner as they were under obligation as friends to do. After they had promised to do as 1 requested, having remained in the city two or three days, I departed for Tascaltecal, six leagues distant ; and having arrived there, all the Spa- niards who were there and the inhabitants of that city assembled and testified their joy at my coming. The next day the nobles of the city and province came to speak with me, and to inform me that Magiscacin, who was the principal of all the nobility, had died of the small-pox, and they knew well that on account of our great friendship for each other, I should be much grieved at this event ; but he had left a son twelve or thirteen years of age to whom the rights of his father descended, and they begged of me that I would recognize him as