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CONQUEST OF MEXICO. 201 your Majesty was much promoted, as well as in the pacification of the natives in that quarter, as from the security obtained for the Spaniards when compelled to go or come through those provinces to or from the town of Vera Cruz. The second -day after Christmas I reviewed my forces in the city of Tascaltecal, and found forty horse and five hundred foot— eighty of them archers and musketeers, together with eight or nine field-pieces and a very small quantity of powder ; and I divided the horse into four companies of ten each, and of the foot I formed nine captaincies, each consisting of sixty Spaniards. After this inspection, when all were mustered together, I ad- dressed them in the following manner : I said that they must know as well as myself it was to promote the service of your sacred Majesty that we had established colonies in this country ; and they also knew that all the natives of it had acknowledged them- selves your Majesty's vassals, and as such had for some time persevered in receiving good offices from us, and we the same from them ; and that without any cause, the people of Culua, including those in the great city of Temixtitan, and all the other provinces subject to them, had not only rebelled against your Majesty, but even murdered several persons who were our kindred and friends, and had driven us entirely out of their land ; and that they must likewise recollect what dangers and toils we had encountered, and at the same time be sensi- ble of how great service it would be to God and your Catholic Majesty to endeavor to recover what had been lost, having on our part the justest cause and the best reasons for so doing, as we should both contend for the increase of our faith against a barbarous nation, and to