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202 LETTERS OF CORTES. promote the service of your Majesty. Induced also by a regard to our own safety, and having the co-operation of many of the friendly natives, there were powerful causes to animate our hearts, and I therefore begged them to engage cheerfully in the enterprise and take fresh courage. I added that I had in your Majesty's name issued certain ordinances to preserve good order and regulate the affairs of the war, which I had caused to be immediately published, and I also begged them to ob- serve and comply with these regulations, as it would redound much to the service of God and your Majesty. ■ They all promised to do what I requested, and to comply with the ordinances, declaring that they would die with pleasure in defence of our faith and in the ser- vice of your Majesty, or recover what had been lost and revenge the treachery of which the people of Temixtitan and their allies had been guilty towards us. Thereupon, in the name of your Majesty, I expressed my satisfaction, and thus we returned with great pleasure to our quarters on the day of the review. The following day^ which was that of St. John the Evangelist, [Dec. 27th] I sent for all the lords of the province of Tascaltecal, and when they had come, I said to them that they already knew I was to depart on the next day in order to enter the territory of our enemies, and that they must be aware we could not conquer the city of Temixtitan without some brigantines, which our people were then employed in building there, and on this account I desired them to supply the workmen and other Spaniards that I left behind, with whatever was neces- sary for this business, and treat them kindly, as they had ever done ; and that they should be in readiness when- ever I should send from the city of Tesaico, [Tezcuco,]