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208 LETTERS OP CORTES. of silver, gold, cotton cloth, and other things belonging to us, had been seized by them on that occasion ; that as they could offer no excuse for this offence, the least penalty they could suffer would be the restoration to us of what they had taken ; and that on these terms, although they were all deserving of death for having destroyed the lives of so many Christians, I would make peace with them, as they desired it ; but that otherwise I should proceed against them with the utmost rigor. They replied that the Mexican lord and nobles had carried away what had been taken from our people, but that they would search for all that might have been left behind, aud give it to me. And they inquired whether I would go to the city that day, or lodge in one of two villages in its suburbs, called Coatinchan and Guasuta,* which are a league and a half distant from the city, but connected with it by a continued line of population. They desired the latter, as appeared from what followed. I told them that I would not stop till I had reached the city of Tesaico ; when they remarked that we should be in good time, and they would precede us in order to get ready suitable lodgings for the Spaniards and myself. They accordingly went away, and when we had arrived at the two villages, some of their principal men came out to receive us, and supplied us with food. At noon "Vve reached the body of the city, where we were to lodo-e in a large edifice that had been the residence of the father of Gaanacacin, the lord of the city. -Before taking pos-

  • Coathlinchan and Huejotla ; and it appears as one settlement from phiautla

and Tezcuco to Coatepec, by the continued line of villages and haciendas. In Tezcuco are still seen near the church fragments of the king's palace, and a large reservoir. In Huejotla are seen still larger ruins, including a wall of ad- mirable workmanship — L. — See Bullock's Travels in Mexico, Chap. 28th.