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CONQUEST OP MEXICO. 211 the lands and provinces in these parts subject to Te- tnixtitan,) learned that the caciques of these places had come to offer themselves as vassals of your Majesty, they sent messengers to tell them that they had done wrong ; and that if they had acted from fear, they should reflect that the people of Culua were sufficiently numerous and powerful to destroy the lives of all the Spaniards and Tlascallans in a very short space of time ; but if they had acted from a desire to retain their lands, they might leave them and go to Temixtitan, where they would receive other and better possessions and places of residence. The caciques of Coatinchan and Guaxuta took these messengers and bound them, and delivered them to ipe ; when they immediately acknowledged that they had been sent by the lords of Temixtitan ; but that it had been for the purpose of requesting these caciques to go to that city to act as mediators in making peace between them and me, as they were my friends. But they of Coatinchan and Guaxuta denied that it was so, declaring that the people of Mexico and Temixtitan sought only war ; and although I believed this was the case, and it proved to be the truth, nevertheless as I de- sired to bring back the inhabitants of the great city into friendship with us, since on this depended peace or war with the other provinces that had revolted, I caused the messengers to be set at liberty, saying to them, that they need have no fears, it being my intention to allow them to return to Temixtitan ; and I begged them to in- form its lords that I did not seek war with them, although I had great reason for so doing, but wished we might be- come friends again ; and to render my intentions the more certain, and induce them to return to your Majesty's service, I informed them I was well aware that all those