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CONQUEST OF MEXICO. 215 Tesaico. They asked me to pardon their offence, if they had committed any, in regard to the late war that had been waged against me ; for it was at Otumba that the whole power of Mexico and Temixtitan had been concentrated, with the hope of finally crushing us, at the time we had been driven out of the great city. These Otumbans saw plainly that they could not deny their guilt, but they excused themselves by saying that they had obeyed the commands of their superiors ; and in order to induce me to favor them, they declared that the lords of Temixtitan had sent messengers to them, bidding them to adhere to their cause, and form no friendship with us, otherwise they would come and de- stroy them ; but that they preferred to be the vassals of your Majesty, and to obey my commands. I answered, that they were well aware of their past offences, and in order that I should pardon them, and believe what they said, they must first bring to me as prisoners ' the mes- sengers of whom they had spoken, and all the natives of Mexico and Temixtitan that were in their country ; and that on no other conditions would I pardon them ; that they should return to their abodes and occupy them, and show by their actions that they were good subjects of your Majesty. Though we exchanged a few more words, they could not induce me to change my determi- nation ; and so they returned to their country, assuring me that they would always do what I desired ; and from that time they have ever proved to be loyal and obe-? dient in the service of your Majesty. In my former despatch, most fortunate and excellent Prince, I informed your Majesty that at the time they routed and drove us from the city of Temixtitan, I took with me a son and two daughters of Muteczuma, to-