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218 LETTERS OF CORTES. and others who had come to our aid, and had taken some of the spoils of war. The latter proceeded a consider- able distance in front, Sandoval believing that when the enemy discovered the Spaniards to be in the rear they would not dare to make an attack. But as soon as the people in the towns on the lake and along the coast who were unfriendly to us espied the Tascaltecans, they at- tacked them in their rear, stripped them of their spoil, and even killed some of them. As soon as the captain came up with the cavalry and the foot, he rushed upon the enemy, assailing them with spears, and destroyed many of their number ; those who escaped took refuge on the lake and in the villages on its borders. The In- dians of Tascaltecal pursued their way to their own country with what they had saved, together with the messengers I had sent ; and when all had reached a place of safety, Gonzalo de Sandoval took the road to the province of Calco, which was not far distant. The next morning many of the enemy assembled to go forth and attack him ; and when some of them were in one part of the field, and others in others, our people fell upon them briskly, and two squadrons with the cavalry com- pletely routed them, so that in a short time they aban- doned the field to our men, who pursued with fire and sword.* After this the road being cleared, the inhabitants of Calco came forth to receive the Spaniards ; and on both sides congratulations were freely exchanged. The prin- cipal citizens said they wished to come and see me, and have a conference with me ; so they departed and came to lodge at Tesaico. When they had arrived, there

  • This battle was fought on the plain over which the road passes from Tetz-

cuco to Chalco. — L.