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CONQUEST OF MEXICO. 219 visited me several of the principal men with two sons of the cacique of Calco, and gave me nearly three hun- dred pesos of gold in pieces. The latter informed me of the death of their father, and that when he died he told them that what disturbed him most was not to be able to see me before his death, and that he had been expecting many days to see me ; that he had charged them to come to me as soon as I arrived in the province, and take me for their father ; and that when they heard of my arrival at the city of Tesaico, they immediately desired to come and see me, but that they dared not from fear of the Culuans ; nor should they have ventured to come at all, had not the captain I had sent visited their country ; and they requested me to give them a guard of Spaniards to enable them to return in safety. They also stated what I knew to be true, that neither in war nor in peace had they been unfriendly to me ; and I also knew that at the time when the Culuans attacked the fortress and palace at Temixtitan and the Spaniards left there by me when I went to look after Narvaez at Cempoal, there were two Spaniards in the country in charge of a quan- tity of maize, which I had ordered them to collect, whom they took to the province of Guajocingo, because they knew that the people there were my friends ; in order by this means to save them from the Culuans, who killed all the Spaniards they found out of the palace at Temix- titan. These things and much else they said to me, with tears in their eyes ; I thanked them for their friendly disposition and acts of kindness, promising to do all they desired, and that they should be well treated. And from that time to the present they have constantly shown a friendly spirit, and have proved very obedient in respect