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220 LETTERS OF CORTES. to every thing commanded them on the part of your Majesty. The sons of the cacique of Chalco,* and those who accompanied them, being one day at my quarters, re- quested that as they wished to return to their country, I would give them an escort to enable them to go in safety. Accordingly Gonzalo de Sandoval with a portion of the cavalry and foot soldiers accompanied them; and I directed him that after he had seen them safe in their country, he should go to the province of Tascaltecal, and bring back with him certain Spaniards who were there, and likewise Don Hernando, the brother of Cacamacin, of whom I have spoken above. After four or five days the alguazil mayor returned with the Spaniards, and brought with him the said Don Fernando. A few days after I learned that on account of his being a brother of the caciques of this city, the office of cacique appertained to him, although he had other brothers. For this reason, as well as because the province was without a cacique, Guanacucin, brother of Don Fernando, its lord, having left it and gone to the city of Temixtitan ; and also in consequence of his being a great friend to Christians, I caused Don Fernando to be received as the lord in your Majesty's name. The inhabitants of the city, although at that time there were but few left in it, acknowledged him ; and from thenceforth many of those who were ab- sent, and had fled from the city, began to return, and obey and serve Don Fernando ; and the city itself im- proved in character as well as increased greatly in population.

  • Chalco, although it had a cacique of its own, was tributary to Mexico. — L.

The orthography of this name is here changed in the original from Calco to Chalco, as now written.