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222 LETTERS OF CORTES. to the place where the enemy had been, about a league and a half from the city. On my way I fell in with certain spies of the enemy, and others engaged in plun- der, whom we routed and pursued, killing several of them. The survivors threw themselves into the water. When w^e had burned some of their villages, we returned to our quarters much gratified with our success. The next day three of the chief men of the towns came to ask pardon for the past, and begged I would destroy no more of their towns, promising no longer to admit the people of Temixtitan into their towns. As they were not per- sons of much consideration, and were vassals of Don Fernando, I pardoned them in your Majesty's name. The day following several of these people came to me wounded and otherwise injured, and said that the Mexi- cans and Temixtitans had returned to their place, and not meeting with the reception to which they had been accustomed, had ill-treated them and taken some of their number prisoners ; and that if they had not defended themselves, they would all have been made prisoners. They requested that I would be ready in case the Te- mixtitans returned, to come to their relief; and then went away to their homes. The people that I had left in the province of Tascal- tecal, engaged in building the brigantines, received in- telligence that a ship had arrived at the port of Vera Cruz, in which besides the seamen there were thirty or forty Spaniards, eight horses, several archers and mus- keteers, and a quantity of powder ; and as they were not informed as to the progress of the war, nor whether they could join us with safety, they were in much per- plexity ; and the Spaniards who had remained at Vera Cruz did not dare to come, although they wished to bring