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CONQUEST OP MEXICO. 223 me so good news. When a servant of mine who had been left at that place perceived that some of the men were desirous of attempting to reach me, he issued an order, forbidding, under a heavy penalty, any one leaving the place until directions were received from me. But a young man in my service, being convinced that nothing in the world would give me greater joy than to hear of the arrival of the ship and the succor it had brought, set out in the night and came to Tesaico, although the coun- try was unsafe, and we were much surprised to see him come in alive. The news gave us much pleasure, for we were in extreme need of relief. The same day, most Catholic Sire, there arrived at Tesaico certain true men, messengers from the authori- ties at Chalco, who informed me that in consequence of their having offered themselves as vassals to your Ma- jesty, all the forces of Mexico and Temixtitan had in- vaded their country to destroy themĀ ; and that on this account they had rallied together and got in readiness all the neighboring people, and they desired that I would come to their relief and aid them in their extremity, for they saw no other way to save themselves. I assure your Majesty, as I have already done in my former rela- tion, that next to our toils and sufferings, the greatest source of sorrow I experienced was in not having the ability to assist and relieve our Indian friends, who by becoming vassals of your Majesty had exposed them- selves to be molested and annoyed by the people of Culua. Nevertheless, both myself and those with me did every thing in our power to accomplish this purpose, for it seemed to us that we could in no way serve your imperial Majesty more effectually than by favoring and aiding your vassals. But at the juncture when applica-