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224 LETTERS OF CORTES. tion was made to me by the people of Chalco, I was unable to do for them what I desired ; I however told them, that since I now wished to send for the brigantines, and with that view had got ready all the people of the province of Tascaltecal, from whence they would be brought in detached pieces, and should find it necessary to despatch thither on the same business both horse and foot — I would ask in my own name the inhabitants of Guajocingo, Churultecal, and Guacachula, who were vassals of your Majesty and friends of ours, to go to their assistance, as they lived in the same neighborhood ; who would send them men for their defence, and render them secure until I could come to their relief — this being the only succor I could afford them. Although they did not take their leave as well satisfied as if I had given them a Spanish force, they thanked me, and asked that I would give them a letter as a voucher, that they might solicit aid with greater confidence ; since between the people of Chalco and two of those provinces, being of opposite parties, differences had always existed. While I was engaged in regulating these matters, there happened to arrive certain messengers from the above- mentioned provinces of Guajocingo and Guacachula, who in the presence of those of Chalco said, that the lords of those provinces had neither seen nor heard any thing of me since my departure from Tascaltecal, although they had posted their scouts or sentries upon the mountains and hills bounding their country and overlooking Mexico and Temixtitan, in order that when they saw many smokes, the signal of war, they might come to my assis- tance with their vassals and people ; and since within a short time they had seen more smokes than usual, they had come to know how it was, thatin case any necessity