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CONQUEST OF MEXICO. 225 existed, they might at once get ready their men of war. I was much gratified, I told them, with their alacrity, and assured them that, thanks to our blessed Lord, the Spa- niards and myself were in good condition, constantly victorious against the enemy ; and that besides being pleased with their good disposition and presence, it afforded me still greater satisfaction to form a union of friendship between them and the people of Chalco, whose deputies were now present ; and I begged them, since they were both vassals of your Majesty, to become good friends and aid and assist one another against the Culuans, who were wicked and perverse ; especially at this time, when the people of Chalco had need of assistance, as the Culuans were about to march against them. Thus they became friends and confederates ; and after they had remained two days with me they departed cheerful and contented, and rendered mutual service to one an- other. Three days after, when we knew that thirteen brig- antines had been completed, and the people collected to transport them, I sent Gonzalo de Sandoval, alguazil mayor, with fifteen horse and two hundred foot, to escort them ; to whom I gave directions to destroy and raze to the ground a large town subject to this city of Tesaico, that lies contiguous to the boundary of the province of Tascaltecal, whose inhabitants had killed five of our horsemen and forty-five foot while on the route from Vera Cruz to the city of Temixtitan, at the time I was besieged in it, unable to believe in the possibility of so great an act of treason. When we entered Tesaico on our return, we found in the oratories or temples of the city the skins of the five horses sewed up and contain- ing the horse-shoes^ and the feet and hands of the men ;