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230 LETTERS OF CORTES. succeeded in entering the place, though with great diffi- culty, and drove out the inhabitants and consumed a great part of the town with fire. The same night we went to sleep at a league's distance from the village ; and at day-break, resuming our route, we fell in with the enemy, who at a distance began to utter loud cries, or shouts, as they are wont to do in war, which are cer- tainly terrible to hear. We pursued them, and in our course reached a large and beautiful city called Guati- clan, which we found deserted by its inhabitants, where we lodged that night. The next day we continued to advance, and arrived at another city called Tenainca, where we met with no resistance ; and without stopping we passed on to ano- ther called Acapuzalco ; all of them are on the lake. We did not remain in the latter, because I desired very much to reach another city which is near it, called Ta- cuba, in the vicinity of Temixtitan. When we had ap- proached within a short distance of that city, we found it surrounded by ditches or canals, and the enemy close at hand ; as soon as we saw them we and our allies at- tacked them vigorously, and entered the place, Idlfing some and driving out others. As it was now almost evening, we did nothing more that night than to take^ lodgings in a house that was large enough to contain us all very conveniently.* At day-break our Indian friends began to pillage and burn the city, except the building in which we had lodged ; and they were so diligent that

  • The town of Tacuba now belongs to the cacique Don Josef Muteczuma, a

descendant of the emperors; and the houses which are above referred to, were those of the emperor. This place in the Mexican is called Tlacupa, (or Tlaco- pan,) and was the capital of the kingdom of the Tecpanecans, and subsequently was subjected by Ahuir. — L.