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CONQUEST OF MEXICO. 233 we sallied forth and fell upon the enemy with our lances, pursuing them about two leagues, over ground as level as the palm of the hand, in very handsome style. Thus many of them perished beneath our hands and those of our Indian allies ; so they desisted from pursuing us, and we continued our march until we overtook the main body. We slept that night at a pretty village called Aculman, two leagues from the city of Tesaico ; and the next day resuming our route, we entered that city, where we were well received by the alguazil mayor, whom I had left in command, and by the whole people, who were much pleased with our arrival ; since from the day we left there they had heard nothing of us, or of what had happened to us, which they were very desirous of knowing. The day after our return, the Tlascallans asked permission of me to go home, and they went away well satisfied, taking with them considerable spoil of the enemy. Two days after our return to this city of Tezcuco, there came to me certain Indians, messengers from Chalco, who said they had been directed to inform me that the Mexicans had marched against them and de- signed to destroy them, and they desired me to send them succor, as they had asked on former occasions. I immediately despatched thither Gonzalo de Sandoval with twenty horse and three hundred foot, charging him to make great haste, and when arrived there to give all the aid in his power to those vassals of your Majesty and our allies. Having arrived at Chalco, he found many people assembled, both of that province and of Guajocingo and Guacachula, who were expecting him ; and when he had directed them what to do, they departed and took the road to a village called Guastepeque, where