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CONQUEST OF MEXICO. 235 many of our allies, yet seeing the strength of the place, he did not dare to attack it, nor to approach the enemy. But when the alguazil mayor and the Spaniards saw this, they resolved to scale the heights of the town, or to perish in the attempt ; and with the watchword " Senor Santiago,'* they began the ascent. It pleased God to give them such strength, that although the resistance was great on the part of the enemy, they succeeded in effect- ing an entrance into the place, but not without many of them being wounded. When our Indian allies followed, and the enemy were seen to yield, so great was the slaughter both at the hands of our people, and by the enemy throwing themselves from the heights of the town, that a small stream, which almost surrounds the town, was said by all who were there to have been for more than an hour so tinged with blood, that they could not drink it, although in consequence of the heat there was a great want of water for that purpose. Having thus brought matters to a conclusion, and at length reduced these two places to a state of peace, after punishing them well for refusing terms w^hen first offered, the alguazil mayor returned with all his force to Tezcuco ; and your Catholic Majesty may be assured that this was a most signal victory, in which the Spaniards showed their courageous spirit in a remarkable degree. When the Mexicans and Temixtitans learned that the Spaniards and Chalconians had done so much injury to their people, they resolved to despatch a large force under certain captains against them ; and as soon as the Chalconians were advised of this movement they sent in great haste to me for aid, and I immediately des- patched the alguazil mayor with horse and foot, who

  • This watchword was much used in the wars against the Moors. — L.