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236 LETTERS OF CORTES. found on his arrival that the Culuans and Chalconians had already met in the field, and a brisk engagement had taken place between them, in which, thanks be to God, the Chalconians had come off victorious, having slain many of the enemy, and taken full forty of them prisoners, amongst whom was a Mexican captain with two other leading personages. The Chalconians delivered all the prisoners into the hands of the alguazil mayor, in order that he might deliver them to me ; who accordingly sent some of them to me, and the rest he kept with himself, as for the better security of the Chalconians he remained with his whole force in a town of theirs on the frontiers of Mexico. As soon as his presence appeared to be no longer necessary he returned to Tezcuco, and brought with him the other prisoners they had delivered to him. About the same time we had many other rencounters with the Culuans ; but to avoid prolixit}?- 1 omit giving a particular account of them. As the road from the city of Tezcuco to the town of Vera Cruz was secure for travellers, either going or coming, the inhabitants of that place had every day news of us, and we of them, which before the present time was not the case. They now sent me a messenger, to • gether with a quantity of crossbows, arquebuses and powder, which afforded us the greatest satisfaction ; and in two days after they sent another messenger by whom they advised me of the arrival at that port of three ships, containing a large number of men and horses, which they would immediately forward- — a succor that God miraculously sent us at a time when greatly needed. I sought always, most powerful Sire, by every possible means, to gain the friendship of the inhabitants of Temix- titan, both because they had done nothing to deserve