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238 LETTERS OF CORTES. necessity, they should let me know it, and I would come to their relief. On the third day after Easter, they re- turned to beg me to send the succor as soon as possible, for the enemy were rapidly approaching them. I assu- red them that I would come to their assistance, and on the following Friday they should have twenty-five horse and three hundred foot. On the preceding Thursday, messengers came to Tez- cuco from the provinces of Tazapan, Mascalzingo, Nau- tan, and other cities in this vicinity, who informed me that they had come to acknowledge themselves vassals of your Majesty, and our allies, for they had never killed any Spaniards, nor risen against your Majesty ; and they brought with them a quantity of cotton cloth as a present. I thanked them, and promised if they were faithful to treat them well ; and so they returned con- tented. The Friday following, the fifth of April, 1521, I left the city of Tezcuco with thirty horse and three hundred foot, fully equipped ; and there remained in the city twenty horse and three hundred foot, under the command of Gonzalo de Sandoval, alguazil mayor. More than twenty thousand Tezcucans accompanied me, and ac- cording to the plan of our march, we went to sleep at a village of Chalco, called Talmanalco, where we were well received and lodged. At this place, as it is well fortified, the Chalconians after they had become our allies always kept a garrison, as it is on the frontiers of Culua. The next day we reached Chalco, at nine o'clock in the day, but did not remain except to inform the caciques of my intention to march once around the lakes, because I believed that when this expedition was completed, I should find the thirteen brigantines finished,