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CONQUEST OF MEXICO. 249 hill, they threw down their swords, thinking to find safety in flight, but they encountered our party of fifteen horse, when we and the Tlascallans made an attack upon them. In this way there perished in a short time more than five hundred of the enemy ; all the rest escaped and took refuge in the mountains. The other six horsemen hap- pened to take a wide and level road, from which they hurled their darts at the enemy ; and at half a league from Suchimilco they fell upon a squadron of very hand- some troops, who were coming to the relief of their countrymen, and defeated them, slaying some with their lances. It was now ten o'clock in the day, when all the cavalry having come together, we returned to Suchimilco, and at the entrance of the town I found many Spaniards, who were anxiously desiring our return, and to know what success we had met with ; and they informed me that they had been hotly engaged, and had labored hard to drive out the enemy, of whom they had killed great numbers. They gave me two of our swords, which they had retaken, and said that the archers had used up their arrows, and could obtain no more. While listening to this account, before we had dismounted, a large squadron of the enemy with loud cries appeared on a wide cause- way, and we immediately rushed upon them, causing them to throw themselves into the water which was on both sides of the causeway. Thus we put them to route, and collecting our people together, we returned much ex- hausted to the city, where I ordered every thing to be burnt except the house in which we lodged. We had thus been three days in the city, continually engaged in fight- ing ; and at length departed, leaving it wholly destroyed and razed to the ground. It was a spectacle worth be-