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250 LETTERS OF CORTES. holding, as there were many houses and towers for idols, built of stone and lime ; but to avoid prolixity, I forbear to particularize other remarkable things connected with this city. The day on which I left this place I went out to a public square, which was connected with the city by the main land, where the inhabitants pursued their traffic ; and I ordered ten of the cavalry to advance to the front, ten others to be stationed in the centre of the infantry, and the remaining ten to fall into the rear. When the Suchimilcans saw that we were beginning to move away, thinking that it was from fear, they rushed upon our rear with loud cries ; and the ten horsemen and myself returned to attack them, and pursued them until they plunged into the water ; by this means they were taught to let us alone, and we continued our route. At ten o'clock in the day we arrived at the city of Cuyo- can, two leagues from Suchimilco, and about the same distance from the cities of Temixtitan, Culuacan, Uchi- lubusco, (Churubusco,) Iztapalapa, Cuitaguaca, and Mizqueque, all of which are situated on the water. The most distant of these is one and a half leagues, which we found deserted by the inhabitants, and we took our quarters in the house of the cacique, where we remained two days. As when the brigantines were completed I should have occasion to place them round Temixtitan, I wished first to see the disposition of that city, its en- trances and outlets, and where the Spaniards could make an attack, or be hkely to receive one. The day after I arrived, I took five horse and two hundred foot, and went towards the lake, which is very near, by means of a causeway that leads into the city of Temixtitan, when we beheld a great number of canoes on the water,