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CONQUEST OF MEXICO. 251 and in them a countless multitude of warriors. We reached an entrenchment, which the enemy had thrown up on the causeway, against which the infantry com- menced an attack ; and although it was very strong, and stoutly defended, ten Spaniards being wounded, we at length carried it, and killed many of the enemy, although the archers and musketeers were left without arrows and powder. From this place we saw how the cause- way passes straight over the water until it reaches Te- mixtitan, a full league and a half; and both this, and the other which goes to Iztapalapa, were covered with an innumerable crowd of people. When I had considered well whatever was necessary to be seen, as we should be compelled to have a garrison of foot and horse in this city, I collected our force together and returned to the town, burning the houses and the towers of the idols. The next day we left this city for Tacuba, two leagues distant, and arrived at nine in the day, throwing our lances on one side and the other, as the enemy issued from the lake to attack the Indians who were transport- ing our equipage ; and finding themselves deceived they suffered us to proceed in peace. Since, as I have al- ready stated, my principal intention was to endeavor to make the circuit of all the lakes in order to understand and obtain a better knowledge of the country, and also to succor some of our allies, I did not care to stop at Tacuba. But when the Mexicans (whose city is very near that place, and even extends so far as to reach the main land at Tacuba) saw us pass by, they recovered their spirits, and with great boldness made an attack upon our baggage ; and when our horse came up in good order, it being all level ground, we gave a good account of the enemy, without ourselves incurring any