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254 LETTERS OF CORTES. inhabitants of the province of Chinantla, being vassals of your Majesty and enemies of the Culuans, told these Christians by no means to depart out of their land, be- cause the Culuans had made war upon us, and they believed that few or none of our people survived. So these two Spaniards remained in that country, and the natives made one of them, who was young and a soldier, their captain ; and at that time he went with them to make war on their enemies, and several times he and the people of Chinantla came off victorious. When after- wards it pleased God that we should recover our position and vanquish our enemies, who had defeated us, and driven us from Temixtitan, the people of Chinantla in- formed these Christians that they knew there were some Spaniards in the province of Tepeaca, and if they wished to obtain certain information, they would risk two Indi- ans, although they had to pass through much of their enemies' country ; but they should go by night, and out of the travelled road, until they reached Tepeaca. By these two Indians one of the Spaniards, who was supe- rior to the other, sent a letter, the tenor of which was as follows : — " Noble Sirs, — I have written two or three letters to your honors, and I know not whether thej'- reached you or not ; and since I have received no answer to them, I also regard it as doubtful whether I shall receive one to this. Be it known to you, sirs, that all the natives of the land of Culua have risen, and several times visited us with war ; but always, praised be our Lord, we have come off conquerors. And with the people of Tuxtepeque, on account of their connexion with Culua, we every day had hostilities. Those who are in the service of his