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CONQUEST OF MEXICO. 255 Highness and his vassals are seven towns of the Tenez ;* and Nicolas and I are always in Chinantla, which is the chief of them. I much desire to know where the captain is, that I may be able to write to him and inform him of things here. If by chance you should write me where he is, please to send twenty or thirty Spaniards to escort me to him, with two of the principal people of this place, who desire to see and converse with him ; and it would be well for them to come now, since as it is now time to gather the cacao, the Culuans hinder it by their wars. May our Lord protect the persons of your honors according to your desire. From Chinantla, on I know not what day of April, 1521. My service to your honors. HERNANDO DE BARRIENTOS."t When the two Indians arrived in the province of Te- peaca with this letter, the captain I had left there in command of a Spanish force sent it immediately to me at Tezcuco ; and we all felt great satisfaction in receiving it, for although we had placed great confidence in the friendship of the people of Chinantla, we feared that if they confederated with the Culuans, they would have put to death the two Spaniards. I immediately wrote to them, giving an account of what had passed, and en- couraging them to hope that although they were sur- rounded on all sides by the enemy, soon, if it pleased God, they would find themselves free, and able to go and come in safety. After having made the circuit of the lakes, and acquired

  • These towns are in the province of Tabasco. — L.

+ This Hernando Barrientos is the ancestor of the noble family of the Barri- entos of Mexico. — L.