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258 LETTERS OF CORTES. The next day I sent messengers to the provinces of Tascaltecal, Guajocingo, and Charultecal, to inform them that the brigantines were finished, and that I and our whole force were in readiness to take up the line of march for the investment of the great city of Temixtitan. I therefore desired, as they had been advised by me, and should now have their people prepared, that with the largest number they could raise, and well armed, they should depart and come to Tezcuco, where I would wait for them ten days, and that on no account could I exceed that time, as it would greatly disconcert our plans. When the messengers arrived, the inhabitants of those provinces were already prepared, and quite eager to engage with the. Culuans ; those of Guajocingo and Churultecal came by the way of Chalco, as they were ordered bv me, because it was nearer for them to take part in the siege from that quarter. The Tlascallan cap- tains with all their people, in fine condition and well armed, arrived at Tezcuco five or six days before Whit- sunday, which was the time I had designated for them ; and as I knew they would come on that day I went forth to receive them with lively satisfaction ; and they arrived with the greatest possible alacrity and good order. Ac- cording to the return made to us by the captains, there were fifty thousand warriors, who were well received by us and provided with quarters. The second day in Whitsun week I ordered all the in- fantry and cavalry to parade on the public square of the city of Tezcuco, for the purpose of making a disposition of the troops, and assigning to the captains their respec- tive commands in three divisions, to be stationed in the three cities around Mexico. One division I assigned to Pedro de Alvarado, and gave him thirty horse, eighteen