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CONQUEST OF MEXICO. 259 archers and musketeers, and one hundred and fifty in- fantry, armed with sword and buckler, together with more than twenty-five thousand warriors of Tlascala ; these were to take up a position in the city of Tacuba. The next division I assigned to Cristobal Olid, to whom I gave thirty-three horse, eighteen archers and musketeers, and one hundred and sixty infantry with sword and buckler, together with more than twenty thousand war- riors of our allies. This division was to occupy the city of Cuyoacan. Of the third division I made Gonzalo de Sandoval (the alguazil mayor) captain, and assigned him twenty- four horse, four musketeers, thirteen archers, and one hundred and fifty infantry with sword and buckler, fifty of these being a select corps of young men that I brought in my company, besides the people of Guajocingo, Chu- rultecal and Chalco, more than thirty thousand men in all. This division was destined for the city of Iztapalapa, which was to be destroyed ; after which it was to pass over a causeway on the lake under cover of the brigan- tines, and unite with the division at Cuyoacan, when I should have entered the lake with the brigantines. The alguazil mayor was allowed to take his position where- ever it seemed to him most advantageous. For the thirteen brigantines with which I was to enter the lake I left three hundred men, most of whom were seamen, well skilled in their profession ; each brigantine carrying twenty-five Spaniards, and each having its captain and commissary, together with six archers and musketeers. The orders above mentioned having been communi- cated, the two captains who were assigned to the cities of Tacuba and Cuyoacan, after receiving instructions as