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260 LETTERS OF CORTES. to what they were to do, departed from Tezcuco on the tenth of May, and took up their quarters for the night two leagues and a half from there at the fine village of Aculman. The same day I ascertained there had been some difference between - the captains on the subject of quarters, and I took means at once the same night to remedy it, and make peace between them ; and I sent a person on this errand, who reproved them and brought about a reconciliation. The next morning they left that place, and proceeded to another village called Jilotepe- que, [Juitepec,] which they found deserted, as it was in the enemy's country. The next day they pursued their route according to their orders, and reached the city of Guatitlan, of which I have before made mention to your Majesty, which they also found abandoned by its inhabitants. The same day they passed through two other cities and villages, which were also deserted. At the hour of vespers they entered Tacuba, and finding no inhabitants, took up their quarters in the houses of the Cacique, which are very spacious and handsome ; and although it was evening, the Tlascallans paid a visit to the entrance of two causeways leading to the city of Te- mixtitan, and fought two or three hours gallantly against the troops of the city, until the night separated them, when they returned in safety to Tacuba. The next morning the two captains determined, as I had ordered them, to cut off the fresh water that is car- ried by pipes into the city of Temixtitan ; and one of them with twenty horse and several musketeers and bowmen proceeded to the head of the aqueduct, which is a quarter of a league distant, and cut and broke the pipes, that were composed of wood, stone and mortar, and fought resolutely with the people of the city, who de-