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CONQUEST OF MEXICO. 261 fended the aqueduct by land and water ; they finally routed the enemy, and completed their purpose by stop- ping the course of the fresh water from which the city was supplied — a very politic movement. The same day the captains put in order several dan- gerous passes, bridges, and canals, that were round the lake, so that the horsemen could move freely from oae part to the other. While this was doing, which caused a delay of three or four days, they had many rencoun- ters with the citizens, in which some of the Spaniards were wounded and many of the enemy killed ; several dikes and bridges were taken ; and speeches and challenges were exchanged between the citizens and the Tlascallans, which were well worthy of notice. Captain Cristobal Dolid then departed with the division of the army that had been assigned to the city of Cuyoacan, two leagues from Tacuba ; and Captain Pedro de Alvarado, was left with his division at Tacuba, where every day he was engaged, in skirmishes and battles with the Indians. The same day that Cristobal Dolid set out for Cuyoacan, he and his men reached that place at ten o'clock, and took up their quarters in the houses of the cacique, the city being deserted by the inhabitants. The next morning they paid a visit to the causeway that leads into Temixti- tan, with about twenty horse and several archers, and six or seven thousand Tlascallans ; when they found the inhabitants well prepared, the causeway broken up, and many dikes erected as defences. They engaged with the enemy, and the archers wounded and killed several of their number. These visits were repeated for six or seven days, during each of which several encounters and skirmishes took place. On one night, about midnight, there came certain scouts from the city, making loud 34