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CONQUEST OP MEXICO. 269" situated on the water, and over many parts of it one can ride on horseback ; the inhabitants of this place began to attack him, but he defeated them, killing many and burn- ing and destroying the whole city. When I learned that the Indians had made a considerable breach in the cause- way, so that the people could no longer pass over it with ease,. I sent two brigantines to assist them in passing, of which they farmed a bridge for the infantry to cross over the breach. As soon as they had passed, they went to lodge at Cuyoacan, and the alguazil mayor with ten horse- men took the road to the causeway where we had fixed our camp, and when he arrived, he found us engaged in combat ; dismounting with his followers, he and they joined in the action against the enemy on the causeway, with whom we had become again involved. When the alguazil mayor took part in the battle, he received a wound in. the foot from a lance ; but although they wounded him and several others that day, we did them much harm with our heavy ordnance, as well as bowmen and mus- keteers ; so that neither in the canoes, nor on the cause- way, did they dare to approach us, but manifested greater fear and less assurance than they were wont to do. We were thus engaged six days, during every one of which we encountered the enemy : and the brigantines passed round the city, burning all the houses they could, having discovered a canal by which they could enter the envi- rons and the suburbs, and even approach the main part of the city, which had a very favorable effect, and made the canoes discontinue their hostile visits, none of them daring to appear within a quarter of a league of our camp. The next day Pedro de Alvarado, who was stationed with the division of the army at Tacuba, informed me: 3&