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CONQUEST OF MEXICO. 271 and that ten horsemen should be left at the end of the causeway, as a support to our troops. But some of the allies left at Cuyoacan had rebelled and espoused the cause of the city, amongst whom were the inhabitants of the cities of Suchimilco, Culuacan, Iztapalapa, Chilo- busco, Mexicalcingo, Cuitaguacad, and Mizquique, all of which lie upon the lake. These seeking to attack us in the rear, I ordered ten or twelve horse to guard the cause- way, and as many more to remain at Cuyoacan, together with more than ten thousand of our allies. I also ordered the alguazil mayor and Pedro de Alvarado to attack the city from their posts at the same time, in order that I might gain as much as possible on my side. Having thus made my arrangements, I sallied forth in the morning from the camp, and marched on foot along the causeway towards the city. We soon found the enemy in defence of a breach that had been made in the road, as wide as the length of a lance, and of the same depth, where they had formed an entrenchment. Here an action ensued, in which valor was shown on both sides. At length we prevailed, and pursued our route along the causeway until we arrived at the entrance of the city, where stood a tower of idols, and near its base a very large bridge that was raised, under which a broad street of water* passed, defended by a strong entrench- ment. As soon as we reached this place, the enemy began to attack us ; but as the brigantines were on both sides the road, we carried the entrenchment without loss, which we could not have done unless aided by the bri- gantines. When the enemy began to abiandon the ground, the people in the brigantines disembarked, and we passed over the water by means of them, together

  • Una caUe de agua ; so Cortes terras the canals.