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272 LETTERS OF CORTES. with the allies from Tlascala, Guajocingo, Chalco, and Tesaico, in all more than eighty thousand men. While we were employed in filling up with stone and brick the breach made by the destruction of the bridge, the Spaniards gained another entrenchment on the principal and widest street in the whole city. As it contained no water, the entrench- ment was easily carried. They then pursued their route along the street until they arrived at another bridge, which the enemy had raised, excepting only one piece of timber, over which they passed. Having reached a place •of safety, rendered secure by the intervention of water, •they immediately took away the beam. On another part of the ground adjoining the bridge on the opposite side, the enemy had constructed another large entrenchment of clay and unburnt bricks. When we reached this spot, we were unable to cross without throwing ourselves into the water, and this was attended with great danger, as the inhabitants fought with resolute valor. On both sides of the street there was an immense multitude of them, who attacked us in a courageous manner from the ter- races ; but when a number of our archers and muske- teers arrived, and we discharged the two cannon so as to rake the street, we did them great mischief. As soon as this was known, several Spaniards threw them- selves into the water, and passed to the other side. Imme- diately the enemy, on seeing this movement, abandoned the entrenchment and the terraces, and fled through the -street, so that all our force passed over. We were en- gaged more than two hours in carrying this entrenchment. I gave directions at once to fill up the space over which the bridge had passed, and to demolish the entrenchment; and in the mean time, the Spaniards and our Indian al- Ues pursued their way along the street, full two bow-