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CONQUEST OF MEXICO. 275 the street was very broad, there was room enough to perform this manoeuvre several times. Notwithstand- ing the enemy saw that they suffered by this means, the dogs rushed on in such a rabid manner that we could not stop them, nor would they desist from following us. The whole day would have been spent in this manner, had they not taken possession of several terraces that projected into the street, from which the cavalry were exposed to great annoyance ; and so we hastened through the street to our camp, without the loss of a single Spa- niard, although we had many wounded. In our retreat we set fire to the best houses on the street, that when we entered the city again, the enemy might not annoy us from the terraces. The same day the alguazil mayor and Pedro de Alvarado, at their respective sta- tions, encountered the enemy in a very gallant manner ; and at the time of the combats we were a league and a half from the one, and a league from the other. The po- pulation of the city, however, is of so great an extent, that it makes the distances seem less. The allies, who were with those leaders in immense numbers, fought well, and fell back that day without loss. In the mean time, Don Fernando, lord of the city of Tesaico and the Province of Aculuacan, of whom I have above made mention to your Majesty, had succeeded in drawing to our standard the people of his city and pro- vince, especially the most prominent persons, although they were not so decided in their friendship as they after- wards proved. Every day many caciques, and some of his own brothers, joined Don Fernando with the deter- mination to take sides with us, and oppose the Mexicans. As Don Fernando was a young man, and had a strong regard for the Spaniards, knowing that he had obtained