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eONQTJEST 6f MEXICO. 291 the plan of operations with the other divisions of the army. The next day I assembled several of the principal men in our camp, when we resolved to inform the algua- zil mayor and Pedro de Alvarado of our intention to enter the city on the following day, and if possible, to reach the market-place. I instructed them what it Would be necessary for them to do on the side of Tacuba ; and besides writing this, that they might be still better in- formed, I sent two of my servants to acquaint them with the whole matter. The orders were, that the alguazil mayor should join the camp of Pedro de Alvarado with a force consisting of ten horse, one hundred Spanish infantry, and fifteen archers and musketeers ; that he should leave behind in his camp ten other horse, ar- ranging with them, that when the battle commenced the next day, they should place themselves in ambush behind some houses ; and that he should carry off all his bag- gage as if the camp was to be broken up, so that when the enemy from the city pursued them, the ambuscade might fall upon their rear. Likewise, that the alguazil mayor with his three brigantines, and Pedro de Alvarado with the three others, should gain possession of the great breach in the road where the latter was defeated, and hasten to fill it up ; that they should then advance, but by no means leave the spot or advance a single step be- fore the breach was filled, and the road placed in good order ; and, finally, if they could reach the market-place without much risk or danger, they should make every exertion to do so, and I would do the same. I added, that although I sent them these instructions, they must see I did not oblige them to take a single step that would be likely to lead to any repulse or disaster ; and this I