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CONQUEST OF MEXICO. 297 into the water ; one of them was killed by the Indians, but the other was saved by some of the infantry. Ano- ther servant of mine, Cristobal de Guzman, rode a horse that they gave him at the little island to bring to me, on which I might make my escape ; but the enemy killed both him and the horse before he reached me ; his death spread sorrow through the whole camp, and even to this day his loss is still mourned by those who knew him. But after all our troubles, by the blessing of God, those of us who survived reached the street of Tacuba, which was very wide ; and collecting the people, I took my post with nine horsemen in the rearguard. The enemy pressed forward with all the pride of victory, as if re- solved that none should escape with life ; but falling back in the best manner I could, I sent word to the trea- surer and auditor to retreat to the public square in good order. I also sent similar orders to the two other captains who had entered the city by the street that led to the market-place, both of whom had fought gallantly, and carried many entrenchments and bridges, which they had caused to be well filled up, on account of which they were able to retire without loss. Before the re- treat of the treasurer and auditor some of the enemy threw in their way two or three heads of Christian men from the upper part of an entrenchment were they were fighting, but it was not known whether they were per- sons belonging to the camp of Pedro de Alvarado, or our own. All being assembled in the square, so large a multitude of the enemy charged upon us from every di- rection, that we had as much as we could do to keep them back ; and that too in places where, before this de- feat, the enemy would have fled before three horse and ten foot. Immediately after, in a lofty tower filled with