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CONQUEST OP MEXICO, 303 CHAPTER V. Two days after the expedition against Marinalco, of which I have given your Majesty an account in the fore- going pages, there arrived at our camp ten Indians of the Otumies, who were slaves to the city, but having become subjects of your Majesty now every day assisted us in fighting. They brought us word that the caciques of the province of Matalcingo, their neighbors, had made war upon them and laid waste their country, having burned a town and carried off some of the inhabitants, being re- solved to destroy all in their power ; and that it was their intention to attack our camps, when the inhabitants of the city would sally forth and put an end to us. We gave the more credit to this account, because, for a few days past, every time we entered the city for a hostile purpose, we had encountered some of the people of the province of Matalcingo, concerning which we had little information except that it was extensive, and about twenty-two leagues from our quarters. In the complaint made to us against their neighbors by the Otumies, they gave us to understand that they wished us to send them succor ; and although they asked it at a very unfavorable time, yet trusting in God's aid, and in order to break somewhat the wings of the enemy, who every day threat- ened us with hostilities from that people, and manifested the expectations they had of assistance, which could come from no other quarter, I determined to despatch thither Gonzalo de Sandoval, alguazil mayor, with