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316 LETTERS OF CORTES. The following day, which was that of the Apostle St, James, [July 25th,] we entered the city in the usual or- der and passed along the great street to the market- place. We succeeded in gaining a very broad street of water, which the enemy had considered perfectly secure ; it detained us a long time, and was of a dangerous cha- racter ; so that we were unable in all this day to fill it up, and make it passable for the cavalry. As we were all on foot, and the* Indians saw that the horse had not passed over, they made a fresh attack upon us, many of them discovering great bravery ; but we resisted them successfully, and they returned to their entrenchments and fortified places, though many of them were wounded with arrows. The Spanish foot were also armed with pikes, which I had ordered to be made after the great defeat and found to be highly useful. On this day no- thing was heard on either side of the principal street but the burning and demolition of houses, which it was pain- ful to behold ; but our purposes required it, and it was necessary to proceed in this way. When the inhabitants saw such havoc going on in order to compel them to sub- mission, they told our allies, who were actively engaged in burning and destroying, that they would have the labor of rebuilding ; for if they (the Mexicans) prevailed, they knew it would be so; and if not, they would have to build them for us. It pleased God that the truth of the last declaration should be confirmed, for they proved to be the persons employed to rebuild the city. At an early hour the next morning we entered the city in the usual manner, and having reached the passage of water which we had commenced filling up the day before, we found it in the same state in which it had been left. We proceeded two bowshots, and gained possession of