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CONQUEST OP MEXICO. 335 CHAPTER VI. During- all these seventy-five days of the siege, not one passed on which there was not some fighting, more or less, with the Mexicans. On the day of the capture of Guautimucin and fall of the city, after having collected what spoil we could find, we returned to our camp, giving thanks to our Lord for so signal a reward, and so desirable a victory, as he had granted us. I con- tinued three or four days in camp, for the purpose of adjusting matters that required my attention, and after- wards we came to the city of Cuyoacan, where I have remained till the present time, employed in regulating the government and reducing the people in all these countries to a condition of settled peace. Having collected the gold and other articles of value, the former was melted down by the advice of your Ma- jesty's ofiicials, and amounted to about 130,000 castella- nos, of which one fifth part was given to the treasurer of your Majesty ; but the fifth of other rights pertaining to your Majesty, as slaves, &c., will appear more at length in the general account of what is due to your Majesty, which will be forwarded,, signed with our names. The remainder of the gold was divided amongst myself and the Spaniards, according to the rank, services, and standing of each. Besides this gold, there were certain utensils and jewels of the same metal, and of the best of these one fifth part was given to your Majest3s trea- surer. Among the spoils obtained in the city were many shields of gold, plumes, panaches, and other articles, of