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338 LETTERS OF CORTES. memorable service in this matter, I despatched four Spaniards, two by one route and two by another, who having obtained the necessary information as to the course they were to take, set out, accompanied by several of our alhes as guides and companions. I ordered them not to stop till they had reached the sea ; and when they discovered it to take actual and corporal possession in the name of your Majesty. One of these parties travelled about one hundred and thirty leagues, through many fine provinces, without encountering any obstacles, and ar- rived at the sea, of which they took possession, and in token thereof set up crosses along the coast. After some days they returned with an account of their discovery, and informed me very particularly concerning it ; they brought with them several of the natives from that quarter, together with good specimens of gold from the mines found in the provinces through which they passed, which with other specimens I now send to your Majesty. The other party were absent somewhat longer, for they took a different course and travelled one hundred and fifty leagues before they reached the sea, of which they also took possession, and brought me a full account of the coast with some of the natives of the country. I received the strangers in both parties graciously, and having informed them of the great power of your Ma- jesty and made them some presents, I suffered them to depart on their return to their own country, and they went away much gratified. In my former relation, most Catholic Sire, I informed your Majesty that at the time when the Indians defeated me, and first drove us out of the city of Temixtitan, all the provinces subject to that city rebelled against your Majesty and made war upon us ; and your Majesty will