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CONQUEST OF MEXICO. 339 see by this relation how we have reduced to his royal service most of the provinces that proved rebellious. There are certain provinces situated at distances of ten, fifteen, and thirty leagues from the coast of the North Sea,* which rebelled at the same time as Temixtitan, and their people treacherously put to death more than a hundred Spaniards while in a state of fancied security. But it was impossible for me to punish them until the "war with the city had been brought to a close. After the return of the exploring parties from the South Sea, I determined to send Gonzalo de Sandoval, alguazil mayor, with a detachment of thirty-five horse and two hundred Spanish foot, accompanied by our allies, and some of the noble natives of Temixtitan, to those pro- vinces named Tatactetelco, Tuxtepeque, Guatusco, and Aulicaba ; and when I had given him instructions as to his mode of procedure in this expedition, he began his preparations for carrying them into effect. At this time the deputy I had left in the town of Se- gura de la Frontera, in the province of Tepeaca, came to the city of Cuyoacan, and informed me that the natives of that province and others adjacent to it, vassals of your Majesty, had sustained some injury from the people of another province called Guaxacaque, [Oaxaca,] who had made war upon them because they were in alliance with us ; and that besides the necessity of redressing this wrong, it was a matter of great importance to reduce that province of Guaxacaque, from its being on the route to the South Sea, and for other reasons that I shall here- after state to your Majesty. The deputy added, that he was well informed respecting the condition of that pro- vince, and would be able to subdue it with a small force ;

  • The Gulf of Mexico.