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'SiO LETTERS OF CORTES. for while I was encamped near Temixtitan, he had gone there at the earnest soHcitation of the Tepeacans, who wished him to make war upon it, but as he had not taken with him more than twent}?- or thirty Spanish sol- diers, they caused him to return, though no sooner than he wished. On hearing this account, I gave the deputy a force of twelve horse and eighty Spanish foot ; and in company with the alguazil mayor he left Cuyoacan on the 30th of October, 1521. When they reached the pro- vince of Tepeaca they there reviewed the troops ; after which each party proceeded on its own destination. Twenty-five days after, the alguazil mayor wrote me that he had arrived in the province of Guatusco, and although he had feared a serious conflict with the enemy, who were skilful in war and had many fortresses in their country, it pleased our Lord that they should meet with a peaceful reception ; that although he had not reached the other provinces, he felt assured that all of them would yield subjection as vassals of your Majesty. Fifteen days later I received other letters from him informing me of his farther progress, and that the whole country was at peace ; and that it appeared to him necessary, in order to keep it in a state of security, to plant colonies in it, as we had some time before talked of doing, and recommending to me to take measures for this purpose. I wrote to him, thanking him much for his labors in that expedition to promote your Majesty's service ; and I ex- pressed my approbation of what he had said in favor of colonizing the country, desiring him to establish a Spanish town in the province of Tuxtebeque, and to give it the name of Medellin ;* and I sent him a list of persons for alcaldes, regidores and other officials, whom I enjoined

  • The name of the native town of both Cortes and Sandoval.