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CONQUEST OF MEXICO. 341 to look carefully after the interests of your Majesty and the kind treatment of the natives. The deputy of the town of Segura de la Frontera pro- ceeded to the province of Guaxaca, having besides his own force a large body of warriors of the neighboring region, our allies ; and although the people of that pro- vince made some resistance, fighting bravely on two or three occasions, they finally sued for peace, without hav- ing suffered any loss. I received from him a particular account of all that had occurred, and information that the country was rich, and abounded in mines ; a very remarkable specimen of gold procured from them, which he sent to me, I transmit to your Majesty. The deputy remained in the province for the purpose of executing the orders I should send him. Having ordered these two conquests^ and witnessed the success that crowned our exertions in that quarter ; and seeing that I had already established these Spanish towns, while there yet remained with me at Cuyoacan a goodly number of our countrymen, I consulted with them: about a site for another colony in the neighborhood of the lakes, which was necessary for the safety and tran-- quillity of all this region. As the city of Temixtitan was a place of great celebrity and distinction, and ever memorable, it appeared to me that it would be well to build another town upon its ruins ; I therefore distribu- ted the ground amongst the proposed inhabitants, and appointed alcaldes and regidores in the name of your Majesty, according to the custom of your realms ; and while the houses were going up, we determined to abide in this city of Cuyoacan, where we at present are. It is now four or five months since the rebuilding of the city was commenced, and it is already very handsome ; and 44