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344 LETTERS OF CORTES. the removal of any more men ftom this post, yet in order to succor our allies, and because since the city of Temix- titan was taken ships had arrived and brought reinforce- ments of men and horses, I caused twenty-five horse, one hundred and fifty foot, and a captain to command them, to be in readiness for proceeding to that river. While engaged in this business, I received accounts from Vera Cruz of the arrival at that fort of a ship in which came Cristoval de Tapia, smelting-inspector in the island of Espaiiola, from whom I had a letter the next day, in which he informed me that the object of his coming to this country was to assume the government of it by your Majesty's command, and that he had brought with him his royal commission, which he should no where exhibit until he saw us, but hoped this would be soon ; as, however, the animals he had brought were affected bv the voyage, he should not set out at present, and begged we would direct how the interview should take place, whether by his coming here, or by going my- self to the sea-coast. As soon as I had received his let- ter, I answered it, saying that I was much pleased with his arrival; that no one could come provided with an order from his Majesty to assume the government of these parts with whom I should be better pleased, both on ac- count of the acquaintance that existed between us, and the neighborly intercourse we had enjoyed together in the island of Espaiiola. Tranquillity not being firmly established in this quarter, and any novelty being likely to estrange the natives, I begged Padre Fr. Pedro Melga- rejo de Urrea, Commissary de la Cruzada, (who has been present in all my labors, and knew well the situation of affairs to the present moment, and by whose coming your Majesty's service has been promoted, and ourselves